Empowering people to live their best life


To restore lives, restore hope, break chains of addiction, restore family relationships, find self-esteem and identity, experience healing, facilitate behavioral changes, and re-educate the mind through training.


To create employable men, healthy husbands and fathers.

To support women back to life by enabling them to flourish, to be heard, to stand strong and by creating healthy loving, caring mums.


To see them achieve their full potential in their physical health, and the emotional and spiritual areas of their lives.


To reconcile men and women with family and send them back into the community healthy, working and functional.


To reconcile people to an intimate relationship with God and to help them find their identity and their God given purpose for this life.


To equip people to become functional members of society. To live life in freedom.


To give hope, healing and support, and to impart an understanding into their behaviours so they can address areas of their lives that continue to negatively impact them, their families and the community.


To encourage our participants to give back to the community, to help and serve others.

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